Smartphone technology, search engines, social media, apps, algorithms and robotics have caused major disruptions to a range of industrial era industries. Newspapers, travel agencies and taxies have had the proverbial carpet pulled from under their feet by Facebook, Google, AirB&B, TripAdvisor and The list of casualties left in the wake of 21st century innovation gets longer by the day. Well, thats one way of looking at it. The other way of looking at it is that digital innovation has freed up the space for more entrepreneurship, more choice for the consumer at more affordable rates and a richer diversity of voices in a public discourse that is not mediated by the mega rich media monopolies.

Change is a constant, a journey, an adventure, an integral part of what it means to be human. Like the natural ebb and flow of life or the shades of nature’s palette as the seasons shift, change is in our DNA. Often those who fear or fight the inevitable changes caused by the natural process of ageing, or the empty nest syndrome when children leave the home, or restructuring of work, find themselves depressed and disheartened, unable to adapt.


If you resist the wave of change, you inevitably get dumped-those of us who surf and boogie board know that you have to relax and flow with the rhythm of the ocean if you want to catch a ride. We need to find our balance and that moment of perfect timing in the ocean of change to be able to happily surf its wave. This blog is all about that challenge we all face. Be it small change, big change, life changes, work changes, changes in media consumption, changes in education, technology, science, medicine, gaming, travel or social organisation- I will try and navigate through the maelstrom and curate some sense-making substance.

While I love the opportunities that technological change have opened up for us, and you will find me behaving like a kid in a candy store with every latest gadget from virtual reality goggles to solar powered laptops, the changes we embrace need to ultimately be for the greater good of humanity and the planet we inhabit. I chose the tagline “care, communicate, create” for my communications consultancy because without empathy or compassion, without a worldview that considers the impact of every innovation on each other and the earth which sustains us, we are doomed to extinction. It is my hope that this blog can stimulate some debate around what we should be doing to create a more sustainable and less polarised future for all of us.


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